What does CSE© training include?

Staff professionalism and eligibility

  • High quality education of staff – implementation of a certified program for babysitters
  • Staff check-ups
  • Ensuring the atmosphere of confidentiality and discretion and a high standard of taking care of children
  • Staff competences according to the CSE© standards
  • The children and staff ratio according to the CSE© standards

Games and programmes for children

  • Activities take place in a safe and stimulating environment
  • Ensuring the development needs of each child by appropriate choice of games and programs, materials and equipment
  • Encouraging acceptable behaviour, dignity and children’s rights through appreciation of differences and moral values of every child

Play and relaxation area for children

  • Indoor areas – interior design, illumination, hygiene, temperature, security and safety protocols, relaxation area
  • Outdoor area – size, design, maintenance and safety, equipment, supervision
  • Water games and safety requirements
  • Plants, animals and safety requirements

Furniture and equipment

  • In accordance with the CSE© certificate
  • Recommended equipment in the area
  • Toys
  • Additional equipment– restroom, changing area

Children’s health safety

  • Hygiene, procedures in any crisis situations
  • First aid
  • Storage of hazardous materials
  • Behaviour in a case of fire, earthquake and storm

Protocols of accomodating children according to the CSE© certificate

  • The Enrolment of children Protocol
  • The Registration forms Register
  • The Daily presence of children Register
  • The Drug Register
  • The Administration of drugs to children Protocol
  • The Crisis situations Register

Individual childcare services performed by a certified babysitter outside the area which has the CSE© certificate

  • Childcare in a hotel room / suite / parent accommodation unit – the recommended standards of equipment
  • Additional services – renting baby equipment
  • Additional services within the hotel dining area

Additional documents and recommendations necessary for obtaining the CSE© certificate

  • List of medical facilities in the vicinity
  • Evacuation plan
  • Validation of installation certificate
  • Insurance policy

CSE© Registers and protocols

  • The Hygienic measures Protocol
  • The Repairs Register
Contact information

  • Issuer of the CSE© Certificate
  • Magistra Open University
  • Address: Rubetićeva 16, Zagreb
  • Email: info@magistra.hr
  • Phone: +38514624200
  • Fax: +38514610340
Children Safe Environment

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