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Children Safe Environment ©

This certification has been developed based on the project called Vocational training destination for safe accommodation of children through the introduction of Children Safe Environment (CSE)© certificates

CSE Certificate© consists of several very important elements that together contribute to children safety:
  • trained and certified professionals
  • specially designed facilities and equipment
  • proper implementation of security protocols
  • monitoring destinations

CSE©-destination safe for children

According to the research conducted by the Institute for Tourism, one of the biggest advantages of Croatian tourism is the convenience for family vacations. According to this study, summer vacation in Croatian coastal destinations is most attractive to families (47%). Families who visit us, on average, have four members of which one child is under the age of 15. Children and their safety are the foundation of making a decision for every parent when it comes to planning a vacation. Child abduction, accidents, abuse or general insecurity are everyday occurrences that parents fear of and children safety is the main factor for families deciding where to spend thier vacation.

To get your destination CSE certification© and become part of the CSE© destination network, it is necessary to meet certain standards and methods. Those standards are within the program of Vocational destination training for children safe care through the introduction of Children Safe Environment (CSE)© certificates in the fields of employee education, space adjustments, business processes and continuous monitoring of security protocols. In its many years of experience in the field of nanny education and cooperation with numerous institutions working with children, Magistra Open University has gathered experience and the know-how for the adaptation of turist and other destinations (playrooms or storerooms children) to the needs of modern parents.